Premier tours

The premier tours at Grand Caverns provide more time and information on exciting topics while facilitating unique ways to experience the caves and surrounding area.  These tours are perfect for anyone looking for an authentic and informative opportunity to learn about the history of Grand Caverns or about geology and research. These tours are also perfect for field trips and private tours.

Explore Premier tours at Grand Caverns

Woman on a cave tour at Grand Caverns.

Geology Tours

On a geology tour you will learn about unique speleothems, crystals, minerals, and the geologic timescales of Grand Caverns. On this tour you will hear about the exciting research conducted in Cave Hill.

Discover the secrets of the Earth with our GEOLOGY TOUR, a fascinating exploration of Grand Caverns’ unique geological wonders. Led by our knowledgeable Park Rangers, this tour provides a deep dive into the geological formations that make Grand Caverns a globally renowned cave. Gain a newfound appreciation for the natural world as you learn about the groundbreaking research conducted within the caverns.

Group tours at Grand Caverns.

History Tours

Grand Caverns is the longest continuously operating show cave in the United States, having opened in 1804. It is a point of international tourism, endured the Civil War, and has a unique luminary design. On this tour, your experience Grand Caverns by candlelight. The history tours are recommended for adults, last for two hours, and are offered every weekend.

Illuminate the past with our HISTORY TOUR, an unforgettable journey through the annals of time. Led by candlelight, this Premier Tour offers a glimpse into the rich history of Grand Caverns, spanning back to 1804. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a seasoned explorer, our expert Park Rangers will unveil the hidden tales and treasures of Grand Caverns like never before.

walking tours

Cavern tours provide fun and educational activities for the entire family ages 3 and up. Tours are offered daily and last for 70 minutes.

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